Facemask Women


-MUULIN x Anu Rieberg masks are made from a cotton-linen blend.

-Natural materials are more breathable and keep humidity levels minimal.

Our masks consist of 4 layers: 3 layers of fabric from which one layer is the filter pocket and one filter.

-We also added an ePM1 filter, which is confirmed by the Republic of Estonia Consumer Protection and Technical Regulatory Authority (TTJA).

-ePM1 filter (ISO 16890 certification) isolates up to 65% of particles from the inhaled air.

Your order contains one reusable mask with 5 pieces ePM1 filters.

If you need more filters just reach out to us: info@muulin.ee

Fabric: 70% cotton, 30% linen

Filter: ePM1 (ISO 16890 certification)

Color: Natural-gray

It is important for us to be transparent in all of our processes and thus we are trying to give our customers more knowledge on what they are consuming and who they are supporting.

The Muulin brand has consciously chosen the direction of slow fashion, which means that we manufacture products according to demand, not stock. Backorders allow us to be more flexible to the customer’s wishes and maintain higher quality. Quality over quantity!

  • All products that are marked available on backorder can be ordered
  • Backorder products have a production time of up to 2 weeks
  • Backorder products that are purchased together with in-stock products will be sent to the customer after the entire order has been completed
  • The color of the backorder products can slightly vary from the product shown in the pictures


  • Do not overload the washing machine
  • Washing temperature should not be above 60°C degrees (140°F)
  • Use washing liquids (avoid chlorine products)
  • Choose delicate or hand-wash programs
  • All different colors should be washed separately
  • After washing, the products should be shaken and placed out to dry
  • Ironing should be done when products are damp or a steam iron should be used


  • Bleaching
  • Tumble drying
  • To use a dryer