our brand

Who we are

We are a sustainable slow fashion brand from Estonia. Our goal is to make our capsule wardrobe carry quality not quantity, combat overproduction and seasonality in fast fashion, and contribute to the promotion of a sustainable lifestyle. Our every decision is made in honor of and in symbiosis with nature.  

Our designs are aimed at everyone who wishes to live in harmony with the environment, love sustainable Scandinavian minimalism, appreciate classic beauty and long-lasting quality. Timeless and clean design make it easy to combine different pieces, so that you can always feel confident and happy. 

We have consciously chosen to create all designs using environmentally friendly certified fabrics (OEKO-TEX / GOTS), produce according to demand, and follow the zero-waste principle, thus minimising our ecological footprint. With conscious consumption we can all contribute to protecting the environment around us.


Our Workshop

All our products are made in Estonia by local professionals, concentrating on quality and Fair Trade so that we can offer you complete transparency and security throughout the whole process. 

Zero-waste production stands as a cornerstone of our brand. We use all of our leftover fabrics and redirect them into new designs to minimise our ecological footprint. 

That is why we have made a conscious decision to only use natural fabrics and not to promote artificial ones.

The Nordic minimalistic design gives the products timeless value, allowing them to be passed down from generation to generation, and worn on many different occasions.

The natural material is in symbiosis with our body - pleasantly cooling and breathable on a hot summer day, and warmly pampering on a cold winter evening. Products made of natural fabrics are also a healthy choice for allergy-prone skin, thus supporting the well-being of the whole family.

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